viernes, 3 de agosto de 2007

Los Cantos, 2007-07-28 Number 3

The Italian night – 26 July –

During the exchange there is a night dedicated to a single country group. Two days ago we´ve had the Italian one, by the artificial lake. We left the camp at the time of dinner, and by feet we traveled to the “Pantano”. We waited for the darkness in which the game took place: it was a simple yet funny one; a “man hunt”: an Italian boy was to be found and recognized. The other Italians were the advisers: they were divided into real tip-givers and false ones. Hidden in the dark, if caught they were telling a game to the participants and after it they gave the information to them (only if they were real tip-givers, instead the prize was only a big smile...). The groups were mixed, and looked for Italians in complete darkness, with just a lamp.
The game lasted about an hour. After that we spent the night by the lake. Some say that the noise was to high and some people couldn’t sleep quietly... but it has been just like a party, and teen-parties are just like this. Fun.


Yesterday morning we went to Portugal to visit a IX the century castle collect a rain water, which protected the city during the time of war. Marvao is a beautiful village full of small gardens and flowers but now it counts only 185 habitants and it lost completely it’s importance. The day was very hot and some of the participants found protection from the sun wherever it was possible. The trip was very tiring not only because of the sun but also because of a long walk. Fortunately for lunch we left Marvao and went to a natural swimming pool also in Portugal. Part of the group rest in the shadow, others ate watermelons. Some of the people paying only 2 Euro went to luxurious and clean swimming pool nearby. At 18.30 we left Portugal to return to Alburquerque to spend a night in that marvelous “pueblo”. Each group entertained themselves in the bares, cafes and restaurants near the Plaza de España. People were walking around participating in Spanish parties outside. The name of the festival was Contempopranea and it was near to the castle. If you made a sightseeing around the Alburquerque or if you drunk with the local people it did not difference because the night in the village was enjoyable. And the end we met in the main square and went back to our accommodation which was a gym.

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